Michael Reynolds i Norge 22.juni 2017

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    Dag Ove

    Lyst til å møte mannen bak teknikken? Det kan absolutt skje den 22.juni 😀

    Billetter kan kjøpes på deres nettbutikk:

    Beskrivelse, kopiert fra deres nettside:
    Come and join acclaimed architect Michael Reynolds in his tour presenting Earthships and the latest findings in self-sustainable architecture and design.
    Location: Losby Gods, Losbyveien 270, 1475 Finstadjordet, Olso, Norway
    Time: 18:30 – 21:30
    Price: Tickets are USD $45.00 online. Please pre-purchase your tickets as we cannot guarantee tickets at the door.
    If you are buying multiple tickets, please list the names of the people attending in the «Customer Comment» during the check-out process so we can keep track of who is coming.
    Please be sure to print out and bring proof of your ticket purchase with you, or have the e-mail confirming your purchase accessible on your smart phone or other mobile device. Each person attending should also bring a valid form of identification so we can verify your purchase at the door.

    An Earthship is a state-of-the-art self-sustainable off-grid building that follows six basic principles, that covers the six basic needs of every human individual: power, water, food, shelter, comfort, and waste treatment.

• Using wind and solar energy to create electricity and light;
    • Collecting, harvesting and filtering rain water to provide drinking and wash water;
    • Producing its own food in an integrated greenhouse;
    • Heating and cooling through thermal mass to create a comfortable living environment without additional costs;
    • Using recycled and natural materials as building materials (dirt-pounded scrap tires, cans, plastic bottles, etc); and
    • Containing and treating its own sewage and waste water without external contamination.

    «Imagine a home that heats itself, that provides its own water, that grows its own food. Imagine that it needs no expensive technology, that it recycles its own waste, that it has its own power source. And now imagine that it can be built anywhere, by anyone, out of the things society throws away. Thirty years ago, architect Michael Reynolds imagined just such a home – then set out to build it.”

    About Michael Reynolds:

Ever since the first screening of the film Garbage Warrior in 2007, Michael Reynolds has been internationally recognized and acclaimed as leader and pioneer of self-sustainable building designs. For 45 years, he has worked on perfecting the art of “radically sustainable living” and designing “Earthships”, the only off-grid and completely self-sustainable buildings in the world today that present all the comforts of conventional homes and more. A true visionary, Michael Reynolds believes that in an age of ecological instability and impending natural disaster, his buildings can – and will – change the way we live.

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    Skal prøve å få det med meg. Litt stiv pris?


    Dag Ove

    Jeg vil tro de tre timene fylles godt 🙂 Han har alltid masse å fortelle, enorme ppt presentasjoner og masse inspirerende historier. Blir vel mulighet til å spørre spørsmål mot slutten også tenker jeg, så da er det bare å fyre lys for å få de svarene du trenger.

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